Why Hello There!

Thanks for stopping by our “meet the team” page! Whether you want to sell your house, find an existing home to purchase, or you've decided to build a custom home, We're here to help! We know these can be big life decisions – our goal is to make the experience as straightforward and pleasant as possible.


Get to know us a bit below. :)

Hi, I'm Abby

I've been a real estate broker for almost 5 years, but Nest Realty is not just me. Thad Logan, my husband, joined the team this year and we love working together. Alongside us is Scott, a home designer by trade whose love of helping people move into their dream homes motivated him to pursue real estate. And Michael, my brother, is Nest Realty's talented videographer. Each listing with Nest Realty includes professional photography along with a video walkthrough - including exterior drone footage (weather permitting)!


When I’m not working for my clients, I spend time on my hobbies: home decorating, baking, and brunch (yes, brunch can be a hobby. The most delicious one!). Also, Thad and I rescued a super-sleepy Alabamian mutt named Blue and we love taking him on long walks and weekend camping trips. I have a bachelor’s degree in Illustration, which helped hone my eye for design and decorating, but I decided soon after college that my true calling is real estate. Home is where the heart is!


Randy Marten, my father, is an established builder with over 20 years of experience, and founded his current company, Marten Building & Design. He’s an amazing builder, extremely detail-oriented, and he's the guy that I would want to build my house (even if he wasn’t my father!). If you’re interested in building a custom home sometime in the future, I would be happy to give you a tour of some of Marten Building & Design's current homes under construction.




Hi, I'm Thad

I joined the Nest Realty team in 2019 because I watched Abby’s real estate experiences over the years and began to enjoy helping people buy and/or sell their homes by proxy!


Buying/selling a house can be a big decision (it was for us!); it’s a sizeable life event all on its own and often comes packaged with other life changes, like a new job, city, or growing family. Being able to help steer neighbors through that process – to guide them and advocate for them – is fun, stimulating, and rewarding. And knowing that we helped make someone’s experience more comfortable, comprehensible, and positive is hugely gratifying.


Prior to real estate, I worked as a technical writer in Verona, WI. I have a bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing, and I’ve worked as a writing tutor, magazine assistant, blogger, webinar facilitator, and more. Those experiences helped hone my skills regarding clear communication, which has been asset in the real estate field. Outside of work, I’m an avid runner, boardgame player (and creator), and musician. Also, I’m an aspiring novelist and recently completed my first book! Like Abby, my wife, one of my best friends is my sleepy Alabamian mutt, Blue, and my favorite times are when the three of us go on adventures or just hang out.


At Nest Realty, we understand the value of family, joy, and home (that’s what a ‘nest’ means to us). We hope for the opportunity to share in your transition and help make your next step a positive one.

Hi, I'm Scott

My road into real estate was a bit more atypical than most, as I received Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies. Since I was young, I’ve always possessed a passion for building and design. That passion began with Legos and K’nex before maturing into designing homes. After receiving my Architecture degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 2013, I’ve been fortunate to design homes for MSM Design Group and Marten Building & Design. With my background in home design, real estate is a natural fit for me. Whether its designing, remodeling or buy/selling an existing home, my skills are at my client’s disposal. Every home listing not only includes professional photographs and a video walk through, but also a drawing of your existing floor plans. These floor plans can be key for helping potential buys understand how your home functions.


My services don’t end once the closing documents are signed – I’d love to use my skills to customize your new home by remodeling the kitchen or creating that master suite oasis you’ve always wanted! Maybe you’ve dreamed of having a screened in porch but didn’t know where to start. Let me guide you through the process and help you understand what’s possible for your home!

Hi, I'm Blue

I love playing with my dog friends, and learning new tricks. I also really enjoy belly rubs, swimming, and eating marrow bones. My all time favorite activity that I LOVE the most is sleeping.